Phone: 403-678-2922

#200, 1080 Railway Avenue
Canmore, Alberta, Canada
T1W 1P4


Welcome to Total Recovery Sports Injury Centre


We are dedicated to optimizing client health, enabling them to pursue their activities to the fullest. Our goal is to assist our clients to enjoy everything the mountains have to offer. We strive to create a professional, casual and relaxing atmosphere in our clinic.

Our ideal client does not have to be an athlete, rather a motivated individual with a positive attitude willing to take the necessary steps to deal with their injury and pursue their goals.

Our Certified Athletic Therapists are here to help you recover from any injuries. We work one on one with you to design the most effective treatment to allow you to return you to your activities and work as quickly and safely as possible. Our therapists specialize in soft tissue treatments.

Our Registered Massage Therapists provide deep tissue, therapeutic, relaxation, and pregnancy massages. They can liaise with your Physician, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Athletic Therapist to ensure consistency of treatment.

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We are located in central Canmore above Sports Experts. There is an elevator located inside the door at the right side of the building.

Appointments may be booked on-line or by phoning (403) 678-2922.

We are amalgamating with four other health professionals in the Bow Valley to form the Progressive Wellness Centre from which we will be offering Athletic Therapy, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy and eventually Chiropractic.

Please note our new URL for online booking. Established clients will need to delete their saved bookmark and restore the new link in order to access the new online calendar.