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Computrainers are the new wave of technology that takes riding your bicycle to a new level. Living in an environment where weather sometimes doesn't allow outdoor riding 5 months out of the year, computrainers allow you to keep your fitness level up or increase your capabilities. The Computrainer is a computer and projector assistant that makes stationary riding more realistic. From realistic courses and the feeling of actually riding up and downhill, computrainers are designed to take the boredom out of stationary cycling and make training inside a new experience. Please see below for the different systems that are available. Give us a call with any questions.

Do you wish you could ride your bike in the winter, but not get bored like riding a regular stationary bike? Well Computrainer is a dream come true. Check it out....




Pro PC 3D Multirider The top of the line system! Includes: Pro Basic CompuTrainer, Pro PC1 Software, 3D Software (shown here) For use with desktop and high-end laptops with 3D graphic capability.

Pro Basic CompuTrainer This is a professional quality, stand-alone electronic bicycle ergometer which can create resistance loads from 50 to 1500Watts. Independent laboratory tests have shown it equal in accuracy to professional instruments such as the SRM system which costs more than twice as much.

Pro Multirider CompuTrainer MultiRider systems provide a new, exciting and technically superior method of indoor GROUP bike training and racing. It's a great way to motivate people to stick with an athletic or exercise program. A basement, garage, bike shop or health club can double as an indoor cycling center for up to 8 riders at a time connected to one PC through a USB Hub.

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